Linn Annett Ernø is a freelance flutist living in Oslo. She has her master education from The Norwegian Academy of Music, The University of Agder and the Paris Conservatoire. In addition she has participated in several masterclasses in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and France. She has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in Oslo, London, Nice, Marseille, Paris, Reykjavik, Poznan, Kiev, New Orleans and Washington DC. This year, she will perform at the 44th Annual Flute Association Convention in San Diego.
Linn Annett has experience from engagements with Norwegian symphony and military orchestras. During her stay in Paris, she played with Ensemble Intercontemporain, L’orchestre de la Cite international de Paris and Orchestre de Flutes Francais.
In Norway, Linn Annett is a member of the flute quintet “5 Across”, a group playing mostly commissioned works by composers from around the world. Their last international performance was at the 43rd Annual Flute Association Convention i Washington D.C. in August 2015.
For a long time, she was also a member of The Norwegian Flute Ensemble. In 2010 they performed at the Nice Conservatoire with Linn Annett as a soloist during the 3e Convention Internationale de Flute de Nice and at The International Church Music Festival in Kristiansand.
Besides being a performer, Linn Annett is a flute lecturer at Foss Upper Secondary School and Vestby Music School. She is also deputy chair and one of the founders of The Norwegian Flute Society and a member of the NFA International Liaison Committee.
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